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                                       Welcome to the Dark Side!
 This website is for the people who have joined the Imperial forces of
Malachor V Survivors!
We are a social guild catering for all types of gaming be it PvE/PvP/or Raiding! We will be doing different events from raiding, datacron hunting, world boss pummeling,pvp nights and helping each other level! Just remember anyone is welcome in this guild as long as you treat everyone with respect and enjoy yourself! See you around the Galaxy!
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Dailies and Endgame PVE Gearing

Quadcabbage, Jun 28, 12 6:49 AM.

Dailies and Endgame PVE Gearing

 Now that i hit 50 with my Sniper, and seeing as i had some time spare while maintenance was ongoing i thought i would check up on PVE gear endgame and found this page. It contains lists of all dailies and flashpoints, what drop from these quests, how many comms you get. It's a very thorough guide.

the entire gear progresssion in 1.2

Anyhow pop over to MMOSITE and check out Dulfy's guide.

1313 unveiled at E3.

Quadcabbage, Jun 12, 12 5:07 AM.

Preview: 1313 is the Star Wars game you're looking for

Breathe deep, folks! it's going to be okay: Star Wars 1313 is not a Kinect game. At E3 2012, we were shown a behind-closed-doors demo of Star Wars 1313 in action. Here's what we saw.

With Star Wars 1313, LucasArts is boldly going where no development team has gone before: the seedy underworld of the capital of a galaxy far, far away. "Star Something" references aside, Star Wars 1313 is a mature, or at least violent game that is astoundingly gorgeous.

Read the rest of the article here. Courtesy of and Nathanial Wattenmaker.

Patch 1.3 Legacy Character Perks

Quadcabbage, Jun 9, 12 8:18 AM.

Patch 1.3 Legacy Character Perks

While trolling the usual sites concerning SWTOR i found this interesting list of legacy perks due to hit with update 1.3. You can view this information by hitting this link to take you to Dulfy's Healing Corner!

Time to start saving those credits guys!!!!!

Preview Exciting New Reveals from E3!

Quadcabbage, Jun 6, 12 4:43 AM.

Preview Exciting New Reveals from E3!

Throughout E3, journalists will be able to take a sneak peek at some of the exciting content that is coming to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ in the next year. This includes new Space Content, an increased level cap, the upcoming Operation: Terror From Beyond, which takes players to the Gree-controlled world of Asation to battle against an army of unseen horrors, and more!

But our biggest reveal is the announcement of Makeb, a brand new planet never-before seen in the Star Wars™ universe! A fully-realized world for you and your friends to explore, Makeb will also introduce an all-new storyline. The Hutt Cartel, tired of being ignored by the great powers of the galaxy, has taken Makeb in an attempt to acquire an unmatched power which can bring both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire to their knees. It will be up to you and your allies to face off against the Hutt Cartel, breaking their hold on this once tranquil world and end their bid for galactic domination.

Preview Makeb and see a small sampling of the other content coming up, in this new gameplay preview!

The Aurebesh Language

Quadcabbage, May 28, 12 9:32 AM.
You ever wondered what all those posters and advertisments in game really mean? Now you can decipher all and take your level of enjoyment in the game further with this helpful rendition of the Aurebesh alphabet!

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